Hellsten is an award-winning, independent brand design agency  led by Saana Hellsten. Her work has been published in several international books, magazines and sites and she has won a number of awards, such as the prestigious Silver Cube at the ADC 94th Annual Awards in Miami.

She has worked with big design agencies and brands, such as Collins (NYC), Code & Theory (NYC), Pearlfisher (NYC) and DKNY. When it comes to smaller brands and start-ups, she thrives to work with brands that share the same values as she does: being ecological, sustainable and equal. Few of these brands are Pratima Spa & Skin Care, Live Ultimate Skin Care and Arctic Power Berries – all brands that use 100% pure, all-natural and organic ingredients.  

With her experience in various fields of design ranging from art direction to product design and branding, she is able to deliver a holistic approach to her projects. Her goal is to create timeless and functional design, that has a purpose to exist.


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