This art piece is commissioned by The Wall Street Journal for an exhibition that celebrates the WSJ 125th anniversary.

The art pieces were to address the Wall Street Journal's past, present or future. The approach for this piece was the following:

"The Wall Street Journal is known for their exceptional journalism and dedicated Reporters and employers. I wanted to give recognition to the the longest employed individual at the at the Wall Street Journal because nothing is done without people behind the scenes, and this applies to The Wall Street Journal as well. I honored this person, who has dedicated his life to the Wall Street Journal, by creating a three dimensional hedcut illustration of his potrait. Hedcut is a form of illustrated potrait that The Wall Street Journal has used since 1979 and has become WSJ' signature style. 

There are over 6 000 nails in this piece. Each nail forms a part of the image and together with the other nails, they form the big picture. This applies into companies and brands as well - they would be nothing without the people.

Through this piece I want to communicate my believe that art and design can be used as a method for cultivating empathy and acknowledging the people."

- Saana Hellsten