packaging design

Pulse, Volt, Muse, and Ease are new dietary supplements by Toniiq. Toniiq formulations are made with the finest naturally-derived ingredients from around the world. They hold their ingredients to a higher standard so by crafting products with superior potency, Toniiq provides superior results. The brief was to create a product family that would reflect the high quality of the products and would stand out from the gaudy crowd of dietary supplements. Each packaging of the product family needed to communicate the characteristics of the product but also work together. 

The capsules would be packed in carry-tins to give the product an elevated look and to ensure that you have your nutrients right there when you need them. The sleek black and white embossed tin container makes the product stand out from its competitors as no other brand on the market uses tin packaging. The tin gives a chance for a secondary use as well and thus will make the brand interaction with the consumer longer. In addition to the tins, there are single-use packets of three capsules (suggested daily portion).


The solution

The four products all serve a different purpose. While Pulse gives an instant powerful cognitive boost and energy kick that is especially great for sports, Muse releases you smooth energy and helps with mental focus throughout the day. When Pulse and Muse help to survive the day, Volt and Ease help to survive the night and the hangover it has caused. Volt has electrolytes that help you to bounce back faster after a hard night with optimal hydration.  Ease helps to maintain the balance in the body by lightening the load of the liver as a liver support supplement. 

The elements on the packaging communicate the characteristics of each product and everything in the packaging enhances the message. Pulse and Volt have stronger contrast as they have more of an immediate effect, whilst Muse and Ease are more for smoother and longer effect and so have a more quiet look.  The typography is similar but slightly different in all of them to make the look consistent and the SKU recognisability easier. The graphics communicate the function of the product: a pulse line, an icon for electricity, a focusing lens and soothing bubbles. In addition to expressing the use of the product, the large product name and prominent graphics give the packaging a distinctive look and help it to stand out in online shops, such as Amazon. 

Toniiq brand colors are black and white, so the colors were kept the same so that the new products would match with the old products.