PULSE and volt

packaging design

Pulse and Volt are dietary supplements by Toniiq. The brief was to create packaging that would stand out from the crowd and be different from competitors. Each packaging need to communicate the characteristics of the product but also work together as a product family.


Pulse gives a strong energy boost and Volt has electrolytes that help you to bounce back after a hard day (or night) faster with optimal hydration. Everything in the packaging enhances the message: the color, typography and graphics. Pulse and Volt are strong products, so their packages are bold and strong. Both of them have graphics that communicate the function of the product.


In addition to expressing the use of the product, the large product name and prominent graphics give the packaging a distinctive look and help it to stand out in online shops, such as Amazon. The tin packaging was chosen because it is easy to carry so one can get the boost at anytime throughout the day. Also, no other brand on the market uses tin packaging, so it will make the product stand out from its competitors. The sleek black and white embossed tin container makes the product stand out from its competitors and gives a chance for a secondary use as well.  The products will be sold in smaller amounts as well, packaged in pouches.