packaging design

PULSE is a packaging for PULSE, a new product by Toniiq. With this MCT Oil product Toniiq promises to bring you your prime choice for increased energy, improved focus, and boosted metabolism.

The brief was to create a tin packaging that would communicate the energy boost the soft gels will give you. The tin packaging was chosen because it is easy to carry so one can get the boost at anytime throughout the day. Also, no other brand on the market uses tin packaging, so it will make the product stand out from its competitors.

The solution created is bold and strong. In addition to expressing the use of the product, the large product name and prominent graphics give the packaging a distinctive look and help it to stand out in online shops, such as Amazon. To keep a cohesive look within the brand portfolio, some of the elements of the existing packaging are carried over the new one, such as the color palette and the black box. On Pulse, the black box has a simplified EKG line that enhances the message and purpose of the product.



The old products of Toniiq.

The old products of Toniiq.