Okkio is a retail store founded in the fall 2015 in Miami. OKKIO is a play on the word ”occhio”, Italian for “eye” and it was conceived by the idea of looking through a kaleidoscope and seeing the world as shifting design forms. The store offers a collection of whimsical modern objects, from all over the world, which intersects art and design. 

OKKIO places value on subtle qualities of materials, craft and process. Each object tells a story – a unique story of creative process, individual expression and interlocking cultures.


the brief

The brief was to design an identity for OKKIO that would reflect the playfulness and uniqueness of the store. The modular logo has clean & simple letterforms, but can be formed in six different ways. The stamp-like icons for the subcategories are used in the store or on the website to spark ideas. 

The color palette uses a lot of white space, black in the typography and red as the main brand color. The grey-blue and dark red can be used as accent colors. 


Photography style & 
web design

The store relies fully on the images from the vendors so OKKIO needed a way to make the images both unique and unified. I gave the images from the vendors a treatment that reminds of the kaleidoscope and gives it a whimsical look. 

The website is kept very minimal. The whole idea of telling the story of the products comes through by introducing the makers in the “Be Inspired” pages. There the customer can read about the process and the brands behind the products