All photography & styling by Saana Hellsten

All photography & styling by Saana Hellsten



Marc Rosen Scholarship 

Branding, IDENTITY DESIGN, LOGO DESIGN, Naming, Packaging Design, Photography, Styling

This project was done under the Fragrance design class by Marc Rosen. The brief was to create branding and packaging design for a fictional fragrance.

I named my fragrance Ænigma, which means mysterious. It is a warm and spicy evening scent with many dimensions. It is a bold fragrance for a bold woman. Ænigma is for a woman who is independent and strong but also passionate and sensual. Her style is classy with an edgy touch. 


The bottle is strong and scepter-like. The facets reflect all the multiple characters of a woman. The dark green color of the bottle derives from the shades of the deep ocean, which reveals only little of what’s under the surface. The luxurious gold is the soul of the fragrance. The white creates a contrast with the dark teal and brings a modern touch.


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