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Live Ultimate approached me to create new primary and secondary packaging design for their skincare line, because the old packaging didn’t reflect the natural ingredients of their products. Live Ultimate Skincare line uses high quality, all natural and organic ingredients but their packaging felt pharmaceutical and artificial.


fruity & luscious redesign

The new clean and minimal design gives the brand a modern and fresh look it needed. Fruitscription, Live Ultimate’s unique formula specifically created for their luxurious products, worked as inspiration for the new packaging design. The rich, fruity color palette expresses the formula’s superfruits and other natural ingredients bursting with antioxidants and anti-aging benefits. The brand comes from Miami, which made it even more natural to use bright,sunny colors. 

Some elements from the old packaging, such as the logo, gradients and the silver line, were carried over to the new look.

IMG_4179 copy.jpg

After creating the packaging design, I was asked to create all the other branding materials as well. The colorful theme is replicated throughout the materials. None of the colors is more important than the others; they can be all used in the materials. For example, each of the employees had their favorite color carton boxes, so we decided to give each one a chance to choose the color of their business card. 


The brand is all about healthy and natural and lifestyle, which had to be shown on their new website. I tried to bring that by using a lot of colorful imagery and bright layout. The website had to rely on stock images, but together with the client we tried to select images that would convey the healthy lifestyle the brand is promoting. The new website can be seen here.


You can see the website here


the old packaging



sample sachets

sample sachets

sales sheets

sales sheets