The Lahti Swimming Pool is being redesigned by H&M Architects. Last time the swimming pool was renovated was in the year 2000, so it needed badly new surfaces and fresher look. The pool’s cafeteria is right next to the entrance but the current coffee shop looked bland and uninviting, especially compared to the new look of the rest of the areas. 



The task was to create an illustration to the walls of the cafeteria that would bring joy and life into the otherwise dark and boring room. The colors had to be somewhat the same as in the other areas of the building. 



The building is from the 50s and I wanted the style of the illustration to strengthen that feeling. The lines a wavy and soft like water and waves.  

I created characters that would reflect the users of the pool; there are young and old, women and men. The pool has a therapy pool, kids pool and they organize a lot of water sports, hence all the different swimmers. The pool building has also a gym, so I brought in a gym goes as well. 


Sneak peek!

The rest of the swimming pool and café are still under construction (opening in August 2016) but here's a sneak peek  of the illustration on the walls.