Photography: Antti Ahtiluoto

Photography: Antti Ahtiluoto



branding, visual identity, logo design, Packaging design, art direction




Kayo Health is a new brand specializing in nutritional health products such as plant-based protein powder. They created a product that doesn’t sacrifice nutritional value over taste and is vegan and gluten-free. Kayo’s core values are sustainability, authenticity, using simple ingredients and being easy and convenient.

The task was to create an identity and packaging design that would communicate these values to attract and retain the right consumers. The look needed to ensure a strong establishment and be able to evolve the brand into a lifestyle (not just a product) to avoid categorization as a ‘me-too’ mainstream brand. 


Kayo’s Core Value


Using simple ingredients

Easy & Convenient.
Add water and go -solution


key words


taste good






packaging design

We wanted to avoid the zip lock bags and measuring scoops from a tub, so the product comes in 12 easily transportable single serve packets for easy and quick access to energy throughout the day. The airtightly sealed packets can be taken with you when traveling or just to the gym, keeping your protein fresh and long lasting.

The strategy of the brand is to stand out from the crowd in a quirky and unique way. This in mind, I created a solution that gives the Kayo a modern, fresh and slightly contemporary look.

The main element of the packaging, in both multipack box and packets, is a bold and playful image that illustrates the natural ingredients in an abstract way. 

The white combined with the cool-toned grey-blue and stark black creates a color palette that pleases both genders–something that was important for the client.


photography style & strategy

This distinctive and recognizable photography style could easily be replicated to other SKU's and extended into other branding materials, such as the website and brochures. The idea of the image is to create a harmonic & balanced image that is yet unconventional and carries a lot of tension and a sense of movement. This represents KAYO: product for those, who require good quality but don’t want to settle for the boring.

The products are shot with a bright light that creates clean and sharp shadows to give the photo a sunny feel. The styling of the photography is abstract, which means that the ingredients are arranged in an unconventional way. The images are being shot with a macro lens, which means that there will be a surrealistic feel to the image.


logo design

In addition to the large image, The logo and typography can be read from far away and thus will work well in Amazon, where the product will be primarily launched. The extended, uppercase letters in the logo give weight to the word and represent the strength of the protein. Together the letters create a solid and versatile logo with a touch of individuality. The large soft corners make the forms organic and the detail in the K makes the logo unique and distinguishable. The logo is a sophisticated balance between the feminine and masculine. The Knockout typeface used in the packaging has a nice, quirky feel to it yet being simple enough to keep the words easily legible.