I visited Iceland last November and completely fell in love with the country. For anyone who hasn't visited Iceland yet, I highly, highly recommend it!!  Everywhere you go, you feel like you're in a Game of thrones set :D

The Icelandic people are very friendly and genuine people. I think we Finns are very similar by nature and  the atmosphere felt immediately very familiar.

The landscape was just breathtakingly beautiful. The colors of the nature were amazing, and I felt very inspired to use the color palettes of the scenery in my future works. Also all the textures, shapes and the roughness of the land inspire to create. 

We stayed couple nights in Reykjavik, and then rented a car, did the Golden Circle and then drove down south to Vik and it's surroundings.  I definitely want to go back in the summer time so I can travel around the whole country.

Here are "few" images from our trip, hope you enjoy them :)