Art Direction, Branding, Packaging

The design brief was to create the look & feel a new high-end line of eco-friendly products. This fictional, yet to be branded product line is produced in Surinam, South-America, utilizing 100% natural ingredients derived from Surinam's indigenous tropical flora.

The goal of the project was to come up with a unique & relevant brand name, design the brand identity signature and design a cohesive outer carton packaging line system utilizing the structure die-lines provided (carton & sleeve).

The finalized idea for the packaging came from a Surinamese bracelet which had a beautiful pattern in it. I wanted to keep the look clean and fresh so I kept the graphics very minimal. The name Alao is a mixture of dutch words (Dutch is the main language in Surinam) and the logo represent a branch of a tree as most of the land of Surinam is covered by untouched rainforest.