the founder

Saana Hellsten is a Finnish multi-disciplinary designer based in Helsinki, but travels to New York frequently. She has spent the last four years in New York, where she gained work experience from some of the top agencies of the country, such as Code & Theory, Collins and Pearlfisher.

She completed her Master’s Degree in Packaging Design at Pratt Institute, graduating with Distinction and receiving The Award of Pratt Circle. During those years she received multiple awards and scholarships, such as the prestigious ADC Annual Award's Silver Cube, A’ Design Award, Art of Packaging Merit Award  by Marc Rosen Scholarship and 2nd Place at The Wall Street Journal’s 125th Anniversary Competition.

Before moving to New York, she was an Art Director at Stockmann, Scandinavia's biggest department store and worked in the field of fashion retail and marketing. She received her BA in Design from Lahti Institute of Design with Innovation of the Year 2011 scholarship

Saana loves to travel and besides New York and Helsinki, she has also lived and studied in Berlin and in Italy. She is a big foodie, a cat lover and an endless seeker of random experiences. You can read more about her traveling and other new from her blog.




Being Scandinavian, Saana has a high appreciation towards nature, sustainability and equality and these are qualities she tries to keep in mind with her work as well. Her goal is to create timeless and functional design. Design, that doesn't bring more unnecessary trash and clutter to this world. Design, that has a purpose to exist.  

Saana thrives to work with brands that share the same values as she does, big or small. With her experience in various fields of design, she is able to deliver a holistic approach to her projects and make sure that the brand values are communicated in all aspects of the branding.   

If you feel you share these same values, please do not hesitate to contact. Let's make the world a better place together!