Branding, Packaging Design, Product Design, Art Direction

1Day is my final thesis for my BA in Design from Lahti Institute of Art and Design. The topic of the thesis was perfume packaging. The history of perfume packaging, the brand philosophies of the fashion and clothing industry and customer experiences were used as background material for the thesis. 

The aim of the design process was to create a new way to package a perfume case as a part of an accessory product. The process proceeded from sketches to prototypes, which were realized in part in cooperation with professionals. 

The goal was to create a cohesive and functional product in which the material choices and colors compliment each other. The end product is a collection in which a perfume bottle can be easily carried around in a wallet, a pen-like wooden box and also as a necklace. Together with the packages and the product images they constitute a draft for possible clients or partners. 

1DAY_WEAVE_käyttö1 copy.jpg

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